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Motion sickness.

Temporary disorder that occurs in travel, marked by dizziness and stomach upset.

It is produced by the allocation of the semicircular canals of the inner ear. These conduits, which are filled with liquid, maintain the balance.


Dehydration by vomiting.

Falls and injuries for the loss of balance.

Accidents happen when you drive.


Spontaneous recovery at the end of the trip.


Any form of travel, especially by plane, boat or car.

The irregular movement causes changes in the fluid of the semicircular canals of the inner ear, which transmits signals to the brain's vomiting center.

Signs and symptoms.

Loss of appetite.

Nausea and vomiting.

Feeling that everything turning.

Weakness and loss of balance.

Risk Factors.


Conditions in the ears.

Environments with smoke and poor ventilation.

Excessive consumption of alcohol.


Do not make copious meal or drink alcohol before or during travel.

Occupy the seats that move less on aircraft (better on the wings) or the boats.

If you can, rest the seat.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

When you can, avoid smoking areas.

In the planes and coaches, put the ventilation to improve air circulation.

Before traveling, take medication against motion sickness (but not where it should lead can cause loss of reflexes and drowsiness)

Some airlines teach behavior modification techniques for passengers who are afraid to fly or mareen. Learn.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


History and physical examination by a doctor when motion is a recurring and affects your lifestyle.


Medical treatment if you have a chronic condition that gets worse when you vomit.

Psychotherapy or counseling if your job requires him to travel often and are evading.

General measures.

There are psychological factors that contribute to motion sickness.

Try to resolve them before you travel.

Keep a positive attitude.


In mild discomfort you can use drugs without a prescription as dimenhidrato (Dramamine) before you travel.

Your doctor may prescribe transdermal patches of Scopolamine (not in Spain) to control symptoms, the effectiveness and long - term effects of this drug are being studied.


To minimize the symptoms, while traveling keep his seat reclined and set sight on distant objects.


Take a light meal, or do not eat before and during short trips.

On longer trips, drink small amounts frequently to keep their fluid intake.

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