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It is a special form of malnutrición, in which the contribution of calories is adapted, but the one of proteins insufficient.

Rare in our means, where the undernourishment usually is mixed.

One appears in children of two to five years of age.


Poor protein feeding.

The mother is typical in the sub - Sahara countries when having another son and to wean the patient (the main protein source for the African suckling babies is maternal milk) happening to feed it only with cereals.

When needing they proteins, the water of the blood leave towards the skin, reason why they are swollen (they are the children with belly of the noticiarios)

Signs and symptoms.

The small ones present / display edemas (swelling) progressive in the members, face and abdomen.

Alterations of the hair; fragility and decoloración.


Hepatomegalia (swelling of the liver) that contributes to the swelling of the belly.

Important muscular atrophy, that it contrasts with the plump aspect by edemas.

Little appetite (the carbon hydrates are those that calms the hunger sensation)

Factors of risk.

Poverty does not carry far.


Balanced feeding.

Diagnosis and treatment.


The diagnosis is made by means of the exploration.

Blood analyses will be made and tinkles, to determine the depth of the deficit.

Digestive problems will discard that can prevent the protein absorption.


The treatment will be made in specialized centers, by competent personnel.

Their objectives will be to suppress the cause of the undernourishment and to recover the suitable nutritious state.

It happens through three phases:

An initial phase, of correction of the most serious imbalances, by means of parenteal feeding (by means of serum)

A phase of refeeding, in which special formulas in papilla by nasogástrica sounding will be used.

A phase of rehabilitation, in which one will become to the normal oral feeding.


Multiorganic insufficiency (kidneys, heart, liver. that leads to the death or permanent deficiencies.

Frequent and serious Sobreinfecciones by the lack of defenses.


It will depend on the depth of the undernourishment.

They can be left cerebral, muscular, renales or hepáticas sequels.

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