Disease information

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Affected parts.

Disease of probable cause autoinmune characterized by the appearance of plates or callosities in extensoras surfaces of the members (elbows, knees, palms and plants) sacred zone and, sometimes, hairy leather.


Usually it is not a serious disease, but its course is chronic and unpredictable, not being able to speak of treatments.

With time it can become rebellious to the treatment.


Psoriásica arthritis can be very destructive and difficult to treat.

In the extensive psoriasis the drop is frequent.

Most of medicines administered for this disease they are teratógenos (affect the fetus) reason why the women in treatment will have to avoid to remain pregnant during the same one.

Diagnosis and treatment.


The diagnosis is made by the clinic.

In certain cases studies will have to become of the skin (cutaneous biopsies) analysis of blood or x - rays.


General measures.

Take the sun in the affected zones.

The occlusion of the injuries during five to seven days followed, in little sunny zones, improves the injuries.

Use a champú to the tar for the washing of the head. Déjelo to act during five to ten minutes before clarifying itself.


It will depend on the extension of the disease:

For little extensive psoriasis, less of 30 % of the corporal surface) the most effective treatment will be topical:

pomadas or the creams with powerful corticoids,

associated or not with ointments of soft coal or antracilina (its active principle) Care, they stain puel and clothes)

For extensive psoriasis, the most effective treatment, can be the Regime of Goeckerman: Initial hospitable entrance for intensive treatment with soft coal and Ultra - violet rayses A (GRAPE)

Another effective treatment consists of the taking of a sensibilizante product (psoraleno) followed of radiations GRAPE, that can be cancerigenic, although it is due to associate to other treatments (single he is little effective)

The oral corticosteroides advise against.

Other used medications include anticancerous agents to low doses, like the Metotrexate or the Cyclosporin.

Certain derivatives of Vitamin A (Isotretionina) can be very useful in the most serious forms.

The Sulfasalazina (used in the Colitis Ulcerosa) can be useful.


Practice sports or exercise outdoors, the barren sun much the injuries.


Possibly the ingestion of carotenoid (the pigments that produces the orange red color of vegetables) exerts some beneficial effect.


It is not known.

Factors of risk.

Familiar antecedents.

Some infections can trigger it.


Strangers, the existing indications point at transtorno autoinmune.

Familiar presence.

Signs and symptoms.

The characteristic injury is the psoriásica plate:

Acúmulos of grudges silverplated in extensoras surfaces of the members surrounded by well reddened skin defined.

In the typical locations:

extensoras faces of elbows and knees,

hairy leather,

palms and plants,

It can appear in other parts, like the penis or vulva.

Usually neither they itch nor they hurt.

Another typical injury is the appearance of hoyuelos in the nails, that sometimes are deformed.

There are some variants like:

Eruptiva Psoriasis, or "guttata", more extensive, appears after some infections of throat or stress and itches.

Inverse Psoriasis, that appears in flexoras zones, instead of extensoras.

Psoriasis generalized, to pustular (with vejigas full of puses) and eritrodérmica (with generalized reddening of the skin) serious.

Sometimes it appears psoriásica arthritis, like the reumatoidea, destructive, in the distales joints of the fingers.

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