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Human Papillomavirus
The infection by the virus of papiloma human is very common and the number of carrying people has increased alarmingly because most of the people they do not present / display visible symptoms, does not feel bad, nor has annoyances and the group of greater risk is the smaller women of 20 years than they have sexual relations.

This infection is caused by papilomavirus, that is a microorganism that remains in latency in the body and when it has been developed and it attacked for of very violent form.

These virus has the capacity to mutar constantly, which does in addition to dangerous, very difficult to control. Than 100 types the more identified, they have been classified by the place of the body in which they cause its injuries and more or less half of them is transmitted sexually.

The virus of papiloma human (VPH) is cause of one of the most common diseases that they are transmitted sexually, condiloma acuminado, also known like warts in the penis or venereal warts, those that appear mainly in the genitals, the anus or near them or in the mouth, as much of men as of women. The injuries appear with more severity in people than they have vaginal secretion, little personal hygiene or who they are pregnant women, which can also cause a problem in the baby.

The virus has a period of incubation that goes of few weeks to several months after I infect and since there are no evident symptoms of the infection, it is to say is asintomática, the danger of I infect and extension is very great, in addition of which an enormous percentage of cervical cancers has been associated with certain types of papilomavirus.

Papilomavirus is managed to identify until they appear the external warts or when practicing a routine examination of Papanicolaou in the women when or there is some changes in the neck of the uterus or matrix.

One of the most severe problems, is than these virus is related to the genital cancer, as much of women as of men and the same form that with other caused diseases of sexual transmission mainly by virus, are no evident symptoms nor injuries, which causes that the infection is scattered to other people easily.

Condilomas acuminados or venereal warts is produced by some types of VPH and they are transmitted by I infect sexual. In the woman condilomas appears in the lips vulvares, vagina, uterine neck or near the anus. In the man they appear in the penis and escroto and around the anus if homosexual relations are had. The evolution of the injuries is unforseeable: they can disappear, grow or remain stable.

It is pronounced in wart form in the external part and commits of the vagina, mainly in the lips and the neck of the uterus. Often the affected woman presents / displays chronic flow that normally does not respond to the conventional treatments.

The diagnosis becomes by means of a cytology or colposcopía and is discovered during the accomplishment of the analysis of papanicoau.

It is transmitted by coital contact with an affected person and are circumstances that favor it like the pregnancy, the use of contraceptive pills, the diabetes, some medicines and the loss of defenses. If it is in acute phase, during the pregnancy, the fetus it can be infected.

For their treatment chemical substances are applied or the warts by electrocauterización are extirpated, crioterapia or laser.

In spite of being considered like a benign infection, in some certain women virus is related to cancer of uterus neck.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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