fucus vesiculosus l

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fucus vesiculosus l

Fucus vesiculosus L.

English: Be ware; Bladder fucus.

French: Fucus vésiculeux.

Family: of the Fucáceas.

Directions: Scrofulosorum. Obesity, cellulite. Active thyroid gland. Dissolves cholesterol. Drop. Mumps.

Description: algae that grows on the shores of the Atlantic. Lives fixed to the rocks by one foot in the form of rizoide. The thallus could exceed 20 cm. and branches in formations acintadas dichotomous traveled by a rib median. It also has blisters elliptical, full of air, allowing the waterline. At the end of the thallus reproductive organs are arranged in the form of tubers that contain abundant spores.

Used parts: The thallus.

Chemical compounds: Algin, alginic acid, fucose, iodine, bromine, potassium, mannitol.

Properties: Effective against obesity, glandular resolvent.

How to use: Decoction, fluid extract, dry extract.

Note The algae has tannin as a contraindication, estrofanto, citric acid, caffeine and nutty vómica. In addition to its use in pharmacology is used industrially for the extraction of potassium salts, iodine, and so on. All slimming products containing Sargazo trade, but its many contra make it difficult to implement. Many based cosmetic Sargazo are beneficial for its local fat - soluble.

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