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Grams of BOTICAS
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Plant known since the days of ancient Greece which was used to treat very many diseases. With its fibrous roots are manufactured rustic brooms. It is considered a weed by farmers, but it's in the blood and the kidneys, where the roots of the grass makes scanning more efficient.

Habitat: scattered by the cultivated land or wasteland around the world.

Description: perennial plant from 40 to 100 cms. tall, of the family of grasses, with long rhizomes dredgers fitted with knots, the starting small roots.

Used parts: the rhizome.

Properties and indications: the rhizome of the program contains a substance mucilaginosa, the triticina, as well as an antibiotic substance, potassium, silica and various carbohydrates. It has diuretic properties, antiseptic and emollients. That is why it is used as:

Antiseptic and anti - inflammatory in cases of cystitis, urethritis and urinary tract infections in general.

Diuretic and depurative in urinary calculi, gout, the arthritism and cellulite.

Sudorific as infectious diseases attending with a fever (flu, colds, measles, scarlet fever.

Use: decoction of dried rhizomes of 30 - 50 grams per liter of water. Boil for 10 minutes. Are taken from 2 to 4 cups a day.

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