angélica angelica archangelica

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angélica angelica archangelica
Other Names:

Ajonjera, Herb of the Holy Spirit, Herb of the Angels, root Long Life.

Is a typical northern plant. In Greenland form large areas, and its inhabitants used extensively since ancient times. Not being Mediterranean plant, could not be registered by the great doctors and botanists from classical antiquity. It began to use in Europe during the Middle Ages, during the great epidemics of plague. Many are desperately seeking the stink as the last option but to surrender before the death, as it had spread a legend according to which the archangel Gabriel revealed to the wise hermit, so that he could fight the plague. Hence, the friars and monks cultivate in their convents in order to develop it with various kinds of remedies, unfortunately all in the form of alcoholic liquor.

Habitat: native to northern Europe and Asia, although its cultivation and its use has spread throughout the world. He prefers the cold and wet, near rivers and swamps.

Description: herbaceous plant of the family of Umbelíferas, which typically measure 1 - 2 meters high. His.

stem is thick and grooved, in which extreme are the flowers distributed in the form of an umbel. There is some risk of confused with hemlock, which also belongs to the same family, but their differences are significant. In addition angelica follows a pleasant aroma between sweet and spicy, while the hemlock is very unpleasant.

Used parts: the root of all, and also the leaves and seeds.

Properties and indications: angelica are recommended for a long list of ailments, from the plague until rheumatism, as if it were a panacea. Its active ingredients are the phellandrene, digestive and spasmolytic action, and angelicina, which has a sedative action and balancing on the nervous system. These two active ingredients should be their real medicinal properties:

Digestive and carminativa: This is a great tonic and stimulant of the functions of the digestive system. Increases the appetite, helps digestion, increases the secretion of gastric juices, and remove the gases and intestinal fermentations. It is the plant par excellence for inapetentes, weakened and dyspeptic. It is highly recommended for those suffering from stomach dropped or Aten (gastric ptosis) It gives good results in cases of gastrointestinal origin of migraine.

Toning and balancing the nervous system: It is very useful in cases of depression, neurosis and nervous weakness. It is also recommended to students at exam time, people with stress, convalescing from debilitating diseases, and generally to all those who have to overcome some difficult test.

The toilets with water angelica have a very salutary effect on the nervous system.

It also has diuretic effects and expectorants, though less intense than previous ones.

Use: in infusion or being done decocción with the pulverized root, which is the most active part of the plant at a rate of 20 to 30 grams per liter of water. You can also add leaves and seeds. Take a cup of tea before each meal, up to 3 per day.

For external use, is used in bathrooms with a decoction with 100 grams of plant in a liter of water, which is added to water for bathing.

Precautions: It is important not to prepare liquor with this plant, because the harmful effects due to its high - alcohol content greater than its potential medicinal properties.

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