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In some women its rule or menstruation can be seen suspended during three months or without having a pregnancy and this it happens more to more frequency during the adolescence, period in which the sexual maturity of the organism is carried out.

The menstruation usually is suspended of normal form during the pregnancy, after the this (period known like puerperio) and lactancia.

This symptom can be presented / displayed when there is a menstruation absence until the 18 years of age and it is classified like primary amenorrhoea or when after to have had several menstrual cycles, this is suspended without apparent reason, which is a secondary amenorrhoea.

The primary amenorrhoea appears when there is an alteration in the on - speed operation of the ovaries and it is pronounced by delay in menarca, that is in the first menstruation, as well as in the appearance of the secondary sexual characters, that is the bud of the púbico hair and in armpits, development of the breasts or chests and lack of definition in the feminine corporal structure, like waist, hips.

This is originated by the lack of production of hormones like the progesterone, estrogens, androgens and corticoids or by the presence of cysts in ovaries. Also it can be caused by the abnormal development of the uterus and the vagina or by the presence of a perforated hymen and very not closed, that makes difficult the elimination of the sanguineous flow.

The secondary amenorrhoea, appears in a woman who presented / displayed normal menstrual periods and they are suddenly suspended, without the cause is a pregnancy. The most common causes are the psychological ones and frequently they are associated to the nervosa anorexy, to the presence of cysts, upheavals of the gland thyroid and the hypothalamus, to stress or alterations in the uterus, related generally by the practice of an abortion badly made.

The treatment to regularize the women who undergo amenorrhoea, is very variable, depending on the cause. In the secondary amenorrhoeas, caused by faults of the ovaries, it is necessary the estrogen use and progesterone; in other cases medicines can be used that prevent the increase as large as the cysts and if it gets to be necessary is arrived at a surgery to extirpate them.

When the cause is psychological, gynecological treatment is due to give at the same time that psychiatric, to control the problems of life style, stress and other diseases like the addictions and the related ones to nourishing upheavals, like bulimia and the anorexy.

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