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Anorexia nervosa.

It is a mental illness that produces a nutritional disorder, occurs in healthy young, which develop a paralyzing fear, for fear of becoming obese and with serious changes in its idealized body image.

The patient does not eat or if you eat it and continues to vomit to lose weight despite being thin / a.

It affects mostly young quinceañeras. It was always before the age of 25.


Maintain adequate food and one line corporal consistent with a healthy lifestyle.

A family atmosphere and social, not overly competitive, it is important.

Diagnosis and Treatment.

The goal is to try to establish diet, exercise and healthy life, while recovering from weight.

It is imperative the help of a psychotherapist to change the distorted behavior of the patient.

Hospitalization during the crisis for parenteral nutrition to correct metabolic imbalances.

The therapy can last several years, requiring a close monitoring of the patient.

Antidepressants and anxiolytics under prescription.


Chronic anorexia.

Electrolyte disturbances and heart.





Well if the patient acknowledges his emotional disturbance and wants and is working with the treatment.

If not treated properly, can lead to death.


Are unknown.

Collaborating family problems and sexual conflict.

It is a symptom of depression or alteration of personality.

Signs and symptoms.

Loss of over 15% of ideal weight.

Denial of the disease; conduct of concealment.

Alterations in the menstrual period.

Intense fear of obesity.


Loss of appetite, abdominal pain and constipation.

Risk Factors.

History slight overweight.

With compulsive perfectionist personality and psychological stress.

Ballet dancers, gymnasts, athletes and models.

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