Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
The pulmonary disease obstructiva chronicle or EPOC is a incurable disease that has been increased of alarming form, of such form that in some countries occupies one of the first places like mortality cause.

Although generally it affects greater people, has begun to present / display in young adults with terrible consequences for its quality of life. It affects more to men than to women and people of white race and workers who toil with certain type of substances.

This disease is characterized by a permanent obstruction of the air flow to the lungs that causes fatigue and much difficulty to breathe.

It is caused by some diseases, but also of the sort of life. The main diseases that cause it are the chronic bronchitis and enfisema, in some cases the asthma and bronquiectasias. The two first go very bound and one can trigger the development of the other.

The obstruction takes place of progressive form, being able arrived to be irreversible in most of the cases.

Between the main factors of risk they are.

Tabaquismo, that is the main cause, since between 80 and 90% of the patients they are smokers and the gravity of the disease is related to the age of beginning of the habit, the number of cigarettes per day and the being active smoker. The cigarette smokers are most prone to develop the one that those of pure or pipe.

Another factor of important risk is the being passive smokers. The children of parents smokers or people who coexist with them, present / display a high incidence of respiratory upheavals.

Also the exhibition prolonged and continuous to certain environmental polluting agents like: the carbon monoxide, the sulfide oxide, the hydrocarbons, the silica, the coal, the cadmium and other metals, the gas dust, emanations in the industries or the work with cereals are factor of risk important to develop EPOC.

Another factor, associated to some of the previous ones is to suffer continuously during the childhood repeated respiratory infections.

the genetic predisposition to develop the disease also is a risk factor and although the cases are rare must to the deficiency of a protein that it protects to the lungs. Those that develops the disease for this reason get to present / display enfisema before the 40 years.

One of the most severe complications of the disease in addition to the physical limitations to be able to make the daily activities is that the EPOC patients more are exposed to develop to cancer of lung and diverse problems cardiac.

This disease is very hard and difficult as much for which they suffer it like for his relatives, reason why more important that to treat it it is to prevent it.

The only way to do is eliminating it the risk factors that originate it, as the tobacco and the atmospheres contaminated and in case that this last one is not possible to come from work sources, it is important to take into account all the existing safety measures, as the use of masks.

Also it is very important to maintain a good state of general health, to make exercises or sports and to follow a diet healthy to increase the resistance of the body to the infections.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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