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The veins of the legs by the weight of the body, the activity that they have and the pressure with which they must make his function, are susceptible to undergo two types of blockades by clots: the flebitis or tromboflebitis, caused by some superficial vein that obstructs and inflames and the acute deep venous trombosis, when some clot covers an internal artery or to deeper and great veins.

This last problem is most serious of both, because it can cause tromboembolia pulmonary or cerebral or attacks the heart, when a fragment of the clot moves and penetrates in the sanguineous torrent arriving at these vital organs and blocks and prevents the suitable circulation and irrigation.

The trombos are sanguineous clots that form when the blood loses its liquid normal state and they are caused generally by the stagnation or bad circulation of the blood, by injuries in the walls of the veins or by the presence of substances that favor the sanguineous coagulation, that contributes to that the components of the blood are deposited in the walls of the veins instead of circulating and they are it obstructing.

The superficial flebitis almost always affects to age people outpost or to whom they have suffered some traumatic injury or that have a prolonged period of inactivity.

This problem is developed by several reasons, that they have to do with long periods of inactivity of the legs that favor the formation of clots:

To remain seated during prolonged periods.

To remain of foot during prolonged periods.

By upheavals related to the coagulation of the blood.

By on weight.

By a pregnancy or spontaneous abortion.

the insufficiency cardiac.

to suffer várices.

to suffer paralysis.

to suffer cancer.

By a surgery whose recovery requires of long time of rest.

Another one of the causes in some women, is the prolonged use of contraceptive tablets or products that also contain estrogens and the tabaquismo increase the risk of suffering deep a venous trombosis.

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