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The feet are equipped with hundreds of nervous completions that allow to feel to please or pain and that alert signals transmit to the brain before any situation or element that can cause damages to the health and the life.

These nervous completions also transmit the orders for the movements of the foot and they are located in each part, and between each bone, joint and muscle.

Sometimes, tumoraciones of the nerve form that crosses the space that exists generally between the third and quarter otejo of the foot, is to say in where finish of visible form the fingers and begins the plant of the foot in a called space intermetatarsal causing what Neuroma de intermetatarsiano Morton or neruoma is known like, that produces an intense pain when it is imprisoned by the metatarsianos bones.

Nevertheless, now one thinks that the injury is not a tumorlike proliferation of the nervous weave and yes a weakness of the ligaments of that area.

The Neuroma de Morton is pronounced by intermittent pains when walking, that every time they go being more constant and annoying and sometimes incapacitantes. Although still there is much controversy of if the pain is originated when the nerve is tweaked by the bones of metatarso when walking or by the weakness of a ligament, the certain thing is that when retiring the shoe and rubbing the foot in the ground, the lightening is immediate, which would give to think about that the "liberation", of the nerve or ligament causes the lightening.

For the treatment of the Neuroma de Morton, antiinflammatory medicines, injections of cortisone are used, the use of pads underneath the plant of the foot to separate the bones and as a last resort, a surgery by a surgeon must take place specialized neurologist.

Between the symptoms of a Neuroma de Morton they are:

acute Pain when walking, sometimes surprise and that produces entumecimiento, creeps and ardor.

Sensation to have something in the base of the fingers that is causing pressure in a certain zone.

This problem can be originated by the use of shoes of narrow form, very high heels or to walk in excess and the symptoms hurt to disappear temporarily when the shoe retires and the foot against the masajea ground rubs or the foot.

Also it can be originated in people who suffer juanetes, fingers of hammer or flat foot or in athletes who run much or make racket games, in addition also are generated by some traumatismo or blow.

Nevertheless little by little they are appeared most frequently until becoming permanent and the pains go being incapacitantes to walk long distances, to handle, to jump or to dance.

In order to diagnose it suitably, it must make a physical examination manipulating the foot and before arriving at a surgery, that not always has the waited for results, other alternatives are due to exhaust like:

Use of groups or another ortopédico article, that the metatarsiano arc has supported and reduce the pressure in the nerves.

ice Positioning in the adolorida zone to reduce the inflammation.

To change the footwear and to use one comfortable one, of low and ample heel in the end.

steroid Use antiinflammatory not to reduce to the pain and the inflammation.

Injections of cortisone applied directly on neuroma.

the surgery will only have to set out when the other alternatives have failed, and can take control of two purposes: one to remove the affected nerve and another one to clear it.

The recovery of the surgery requires of many cares, mainly of not using the foot until the wound has healed perfectly and to apply immediately methods of therapy that according to the medical indication can include hidroterapia, laser, diatermia and other that avoid the fibrous weave formation.

It is very important not to resort to the surgery as first instance and to request the plastic opinion in such case to ortopedistas, neurologists and surgeons.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by its use.

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