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The fir is a large tree that can reach 60 meters tall, straight trunk and bark relatively smooth, greyish, with the glass pyramid, it remains green all year. The branches are ordered by the floors, extended. The fir tree has male and female flowers, but on the same footing. Form plump pineapples, in no more than 5 cm. wide, long and upright on the branches, with the scales covering the seeds. These cones are not from the tree, as do those of the pines, but they are broken down into the branches after they ripen and drop pine nuts and flakes, leaving bare the core of the pineapple. It was formed abetales breeding in most parts of the Pyrenees, especially in its most northerly.

It blooms in spring and pineapples ripen during the autumn. From the collection of interest buds, leaves, bark and resins.

The buds are removed from a resin and a substance composed of limonene and pinene. Glycosides from the leaves get, piceina and also an essence. Cellulose found in the bark, minerals and tannins. And finally in the resin compound have more characteristic of this tree, which is the essence of turpentine: it accumulates in gaps or cortical bladders during the spring and autumn, is presented in liquid form and, although viscous, is almost as smooth as the oil. This distilling turpentine - usually in water vapor temperature is not too high - you get the essence, as well as other compounds. The turpentine fir has always enjoyed very famous among the people in town. It has properties balsamic, expectorants and antiseptic of the respiratory tract and urinary tract. In external use is rubefaciente, that is, applied on the skin red and inflamed, exploiting this virtue to implement it on other drugs that penetrate the skin better. We must remember that, being an essence, it should save the necessary precautions for the possible occurrence of skin irritations and allergies.

Infusion: From the buds or leaves.

Tincture: 10 to 20 drops of the tincture, three times a day.

Excerpts: You can find both the dry as the fluid, and both have identical use. It can also be used externally in baths, inhalations, liniment, ointments or plasters.

Balsamic, Antiseptic. Rubefaciente.

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