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Introduction: This plant is grown in warmer climates or mild and often uses the husk of the seed, the fruit or the leaves in a preparation that takes fasted for three or four days to expel intestinal parasites. In gynecological problems, menstrual cramps, to facilitate childbirth and to increase breast milk is recommended to cook the leaves. For diarrhea, stomach pain and bile, a preparation of boiled leaves with chamomile, mint, sugar cane and a little baking as water usage. It is also effective, through a crushed leaves or seeds mixed with castor oil or edible, to prevent hair loss, skin rash or ringworm, plus the leaves are used in headache and is used in cooking inflammation of the stomach, Liver, matrix, ovary and stomach.

Tree that reaches 20 m tall, thick trunk and leaves with elongated ending with tip. The flowers are small and their fruit are oval, with large seeds surrounded by the fleshy pulp. It is grown for its fruit and grows associated with the tropical deciduous forest, subcaducifolia, evergreen, Xeric scrublands; mountain cloud forests of oak and pine.

The seeds reduced to powder are used as rat poison.

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