tormentilla potentilla tormentilla

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tormentilla potentilla tormentilla
Other Names:

Consuelda Red Sietenrama.

Since the Middle Ages has been using this plant to calm what was then known as "torture" (intestinal cramping) Hence derives its name from tormentilla. And due to its intense effect, is called in Latin Potentilla of potentem (powerful)

Habitat: scattered by humid plains and mountains across Europe. Known in the American continent.

Description: plant of the Rosaceae family, 10 to 40 cm in height, and weak stems. Its leaves are toothed segments 3, 4 and flower petals, unlike other Potentilla like Argentina and cincoenrama with five.

Used parts: the rhizomes (underground stems) fresh.

Properties and indications: the main component of the rhizome of the tormentilla is tannin, which represents up to 15% of their weight. It also contains a glycoside (tormentilina) quinóvico acid and bitter. Their action is astringent and antidiarreica fu you. It also owns properties haemostatic (stops bleeding) Is indicated in the following cases:

Infectious diarrhea of all types: calm cramping pain is due to intestinal - astounded that often accompany diarrhea.

Hemorrhoids: under local (bath seat) and get the desinflamar to stop bleeding.

Stomatitis and pharyngitis in mouthwashes and gargarismos.

Epistaxis (bleeding from the nose) implemented in irrigation or soaking a pad of gauze.

Use: decoction of 30 grams. of rhizomes per liter of water, eat 3 to 4 cups a day, until the court diarrhea. Powder was administered for 2 to 4 grams. a day in capsules.

Externally, take baths seat, which must be added to water for 1 to 2 liters of fluid resulting from a decoction more concentrated than the one used internally (60 - 100 grams. Liter) Mouthwashes and gargarismos with concentrated decoction. Irrigation and nasal tamponade with the same liquid concentrated decoction.

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