helecho macho dryopteris filix-mas

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helecho macho dryopteris filix-mas
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Ferns are plants cryptogams, ie without flowers. They have roots, stems and leaves drivers crossed by vessels. In this macho fern is called by the robust aspect of their fronds, which distinguish it from the female fern (Athyrium filix - Femina, the more fine and delicate, but not for its playback system, which is the same in the male fern and the female. The common fern is toxic.

HABITAT: grows in shady forests and humid throughout Europe and America.

Description: bracken 1 - 1. 5 vivacious reaching meters from the family of Polipodiáceas. Its long fronds (leaves of ferns) lanceoladas born directly from the rhizomes (underground stems)

Used parts: the rhizome and root.

Properties and indications: the macho fern's rhizome contains, among other substances, filicina, which is capable of paralyzing the muscles of tapeworms and other intestinal parasites. In this way the worm emerges from the wall of the intestine and is paralyzed. It was then that requires a complete purgative action, expelling the worm. It has been proven action worming of macho fern on the following types of intestinal parasites: all species of tapeworms, botriocéfalo, duodenal hookworm.

Use: dust rhizome and roots will take 5 grams in the morning and another 5 per night (the children, half of the dose) about 15 minutes later we must ingest a laxative 2 tablespoons salt (sodium sulfate or magnesium) Not recommended the use of castor oil in this case. Ether extract (obtained through the ether) Fasting take 3 - 5 g of this extract of the roots of male fern pharmaceutical preparations, usually in capsules 0. 5 g (6 to 10 capsules) Typically, these capsules have already included a small dose of laxative, so it is not necessary to take it.

Precautions: when using the macho fern worming as there is the ingestion of laxative, as described in "use". Throughout the day, when taken macho fern, you can not consume alcohol or oil. Do not exceed the dose of 10 grams of extract in higher doses produce nausea, diarrhea and vomiting in poisoning by very high doses are produced, moreover, jaundice, albuminuria, muscle weakness and convulsions. The use of this plant requires an optional control. Those who suffer from anemia, gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcer or heart disease should refrain from using the macho fern.

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