oréganooriganum vulgare

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oréganooriganum vulgare
Other Names:

Wild marjoram.

This is very similar to marjoram (Hyper) although, unlike this one, tends to grow wild. Originally from the Middle East, and was introduced in Europe in the sixteenth century.

Habitat: spread across Europe, in areas of medium altitude, sunny, dry and rocky. Naturalized in the Americas.

Description: perennial plant of family Labiadas of whose upright stems reaching up to 60 cms. tall. The leaves are small and grow in each node on the stem, opposite one another. Their flowers are small, rosy purple.

Used parts: the flowering tops.

Properties and indications: whole plant is rich in an essential oil that contains thymol and carvacrol, action sedative, antispasmodic and carminativa. It also contains flavonoids and Ursola acid, which are attributed to their properties medicines. Its use is indicated in the following cases:

Digestive Disorders: dyspepsia (bad digestion) of nervous origin, bloating, cramps or spasms of the digestive organs. By its action carminativa (combat intestinal gas) is a good condiment for vegetables, solid and pizzas.

Respiratory pathologies dry cough or irritant, such as laryngitis (throat irritation) or whooping cough. Oregano also has expectorant action, and anti béquica, both internal and external.

Muscle aches, stiff neck and low back pain, both externally applied cataplasms as friction on the skin.

Use: as a condiment sprinkled their dry leaves on various culinary preparations. In infusion with about 15 or 20 grams per liter of water, which swallowed a cup after each meal. In essence, 3 daily from 4 to 6 drops each.

The steam is used externally, in respiratory ailments, adding a handful of plants to water. Also in cataplasms of the plant that was crushed in the heated skillet and applies wrapped in a cloth on the painful area or inflamed. One can make friction with several drops of essence applied directly onto the affected area. For the frictions, the substance can also be dissolved in alcohol.

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