Information about vitamin

It is indispensable for the formation from red globules and the corporal growth and regeneration of weaves. The deficit of this vitamin gives rise to the call "pernicious anemia" (pallor, fatigue, etc. but unlike other hidrosolubles vitamins it is accumulated in the liver, reason why it is necessary to be periods very prolonged without its contribution in the diet so that carenciales states take place. Requirements the minimum B12 vitamin, according to RDA the USA, are of 2 g for the adult. During the gestation and the lactancia the necessities increase in about a 2, 2 - 2, 6 g.

The most important sources of this vitamin are the origin foods animal, for that reason in many occasions it affirms that a vegetarian diet can cause its deficiency. At the moment, one affirms that the bacterial flora of our heavy intestine can produce it in sufficient amounts. In fact, this deficiency in strict vegetarians has been only detected who consume neither milky eggs nor and that suffer some type of intestinal upheaval. The alcohol consumption makes increase the necessities of this vitamin.

The B12 vitamin coming from the diet needs a complicated mechanism for its absorption. One is due to unite to a protein secreted by the stomach (intrinsic factor) that allows its absorption in the intestine. By genetic causes, some people can have problems to produce this intrinsic factor and to suffer symptoms of deficiency.

Many prepared phamacists for the treatment of pains or inflammations of the nerves (sciatic and lumbagias) contain vitamin B12, normally associate to the B1 and B6.

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