Vitamin B6

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Vitamin B6
This vitamin of the complex B is also well - known like piridoxina, and also he is hidrosoluble.


He is essential for the growth since it helps to assimilate proteins suitably, carbohydrates and the fats and without her the organism cannot make red antibodies nor globules. He is basic for the formation of niacina (B3 vitamin) aid to absorb the B12 vitamin, to produce hydrochlorate acid of the stomach and takes part in the metabolism of magnesium. Also aid to prevent nervous diseases and with the skin.

Daily dose.

Suckling baby:

6 Months: 0. 3 mg.

1 Year: 0. 6 mg.


1 to 6 Years: 0. 9 mg.

6 to 10 Years: 1. 6 mg.

Men: 1. 8 mg.

Women: 1. 8 mg.


It causes nervousness, depression, weakness and disorders in the skin. He is recommendable to increase to its absorption when taking the contraceptive pill, when taking place with a this rupture in the hormonal balance. Also it is bound intimately with arteriosclerosis, in the cases of a rich diet in fats and poor man in piridoxina.


Levels of toxicity can consider after ingestions of 2, 000mg On the other hand daily ingestions of 100mg per extensive periods can cause damage to the nervous system, but he is remedyable, leaving all type of supplement per period of six months.


Liver, chicken, codfish, salmon, cheese, oats, eggs, avocados and potatoes.

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