Pulmonary emphysema

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Pulmonary emphysema
It is characterized, indeed by the permanent, progressive obstruction and almost always irreversible, of the air flow in the lungs, which is caused so that the alveoli or coats of air of the lungs, they lose its elasticity, they extend and they fill of vitiated air. When doing it the hair glasses of the coats cannot make their function normal to gather a new provision of oxygen and to eliminate carbon dioxide and other products of remainder of the body, causing with which the breathing is difficult and ineffective.

As the alveoli become ill, the organism suffers more and more, by lack of oxygen and the minimum effort produces a difficult breathing and tires and the incapacity with time to make daily activities, which enormously affects the quality of life, of that it suffers it and its relatives.

This disease has increased in a 40% during the last years, mainly affects greater people of 55 years and constitutes one of the first causes of death in the Latin American countries. It affects more to the men than to the women after the 70 years, before the rate of mortality is equal in men who in women.

This disease is not curable, nevertheless the opportune medical treatment and adapted they can improve the symptoms, delay its advance and help to delay the incapacity that can generate, and mainly if it is fulfilled well, it improves the quality of life of a person and its family.

Between the main factors of risk, they are:

the tabaquismo, since 90% of the cases, present / display this problem, being more serious depending on the age of beginning and the number of cigarettes per day, as well as the being active smokers.

To be son of parents smokers, increases the incidence of respiratory problems.

the contamination of the air, mainly in workers exposed to the coal, cadmium, silica, chemical agents and gases.

To have chronic bronchitis or other pulmonary sufferings.

To have a hereditary tendency to develop the disease.

The main symptoms and signs are related to the breathing.

Difficulty to breathe, difficult and superficial breathing.

chronic Cough, with flema, that can determine the beginning of the disease. The cough appears in the beginning only during the mornings due to the secretions that are accumulated during the night, but later the day and with green secretion appears throughout and thickens, that is symptom of an infection.

progressive Lack of air, that frequently makes the use necessary of oxygen.

nutricionales Upheavals that go from the undernourishment to the obesity. In case of the obesity, the excess of weight makes difficult the breathing still more.

Apnea of the dream, that is pronounced in snores.

Lack of appetite and loss of weight.

Enfisema can be very serious and until mortal when in addition diseases like neumonía appear, frequent respiratory infections, insufficiency cardiac and others more. It is developed during many years without presenting / displaying symptoms and can be avoided its progress from the moment at which it leaves the habit of the tabaquismo.

Other diseases can such cause symptoms that enfisema, reason why the medical diagnosis is important for the suitable treatment. Among them they are the infections, pulmonary inflammations, tie pulmonía with AIDS, the tuberculosis, the chronic bronchitis and certain occupational pulmonary diseases, like the black lung. Also they are bronquiectasias, in which the respiratory conduits dilate and obstruct with secretions and the progressive insufficiency cardiac, in which the lungs become congested with liquids that the heart is incapable to extract, as well as the cancer of lung.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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