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It is an epidemic viral disease (that produces an eruption) of the childhood that can cause in the fetus serious congenital malformations if the mother suffers it during the pregnancy.

For the boy or adult it does not have gravity.


Infection by the virus of the rubeola.

Signs and symptoms.

The disease in the boy or adult appears like a gripal syndrome: general malaise, febrícula or painful fever of little intensity, ganglia to the sides of the neck.

After one to two days it appears an eruption:

spots red pale.

little intense.


three days last about.

one begins in the head and it progresses towards the feet, being more intense in the trunk.

it is clarified without descamación.

It does not produce special picor nor annoyances.

The congenital defects that can appear and that they conform the congenital syndrome of rubeola, are:

Defects of the eye, with pérdidad of the vision and blindness.

Defects in the oidos ones, with loss of hearing.

Defects of the heart.

Cerebral defects late mental and sometimes cerebral paralysis.

The children learn very slow to walk and to make tasks simple.

They can have low weight when being born, diarrea, neumonía or meningitis.

Sometimes they appear spots red - purple in face and body.

Factors of risk.

Situations that they facilitate I infect of the gestantes:


Work with children.


The active immunization or vaccination before the pregnancy is totally effective. As minimum it must take place three months before the pregnancy, to be able to assure his effectiveness.

At the moment it is including in the scholastic vacunales calendars, administering itself to the children before menarquía (the first menstruation, on the 12 to 14 years, according to independent community)

The vaccination is made by means of virus alive attenuated, reason why it is recommended that in the following week to the same one the contact with pregnant women is avoided, like added measurement of security.

Diagnosis and treatment.

The clinical diagnosis is difficult by the little intensity and duration of the eruption. It is possible to be known if a person or has undergone it, and therefore is immune or no, by means of a blood analysis.

Effective treatment does not exist. The treatment of the Congenital Syndrome of the Rubeola will be the one of its complications.


I infect of the fetus with the consequent Congenital Syndrome of the Rubeola.


The rubeola cures without problems in four days.

The Congenital Syndrome of the Rubeola is definitive.

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