LOVE OF Hortelano

galium aparine l.

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LOVE OF Hortelano
galium aparine l.
Castilian: love of gardener, azotalenguas, lapa.

English: cleavers, catchweed, goosegrass, hedgeheriff.


It acts directly at lymphatic excellent as a tonic for a variety of indisposition indicated by swollen glands (ex. tonsillitis) Aid in drainage of lymph which also participates in the detoxification of tissues and the immune system. Love of Hortelano is also used in urinary and the indisposition of skin.

Therapeutic action:

Diuretic, Astrigente, antispasmodic, tonic disorders, it cools the skin and lymph systems and urinals.


Cintiene tannins, glycosides, phenolic Flavonoids contains coumarins.

Uses: It is recommended for the treatment of skin problems. Used topically cools and tightens the skin. Since it is a toxin that removes herb that acts on the lymphatic system, removes toxins from the urinary system, which also benefits the skin as well. may be beneficial in eczema and psoriasis. It is also used for urinary pain such as kidney stones and cystitis. Fresh juice does reduce swelling and tumors.

Seeds of Love Hortelano of roast can be roasted, ground and used as a substitute for coffee. Outbreaks of youth can be used as a salad green.

Caveats: the love of being a Hortelano diuretics tend to deplete potassium, can induce toxic effects of glycosidesto digital. Although it appears to be safe, no other warnings have been issued at this time. Please use with caution.


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