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The interstitial cystitis or painful syndrome of vejiga is a chronic inflammation whose origin is still not known although there are some factors that have been related in her, like: frequent infections of tracto urinary during the childhood, damages in vejiga by operations, the presence of toxic substances in tinkle or stress.

This type of cystitis is pronounced by:

Dolores frequent of pain in the abdomen.

Vejiga constantly inflamed and increased of size.

A variant of this type of cystitis exists, is the ulcerosa that is very serious since vejiga retains less tinkles that the normal thing and in their muscular weave cracks, scars and sores in form of ulcers form that receive the name of ulcers of Hunner and which with time they become heavy and rigid. Sometimes they get to bleed when vejiga is full.

The inflammation of vejiga also can be due to bacterial infections of tracto urinary and the symptoms can be produced by calculations in vejiga or kidneys, prostate uretritis or hipertrofia, neurological cancer or upheavals, reason why the guessed right medical diagnosis is very important for its treatment.

The diagnosis will have to be confirmed by means of an exploratory cistoscopia and the treatment includes:

Medicines like acetilsalicílico or ibuprofeno acid, antiinflammatory nonesteroideos, medicines to block the receivers of the pain and some antidepressing medicine to perhaps control the pain and the nocturnal micciones.

Another treatment consists of introducing a medicine in vejiga to reduce to the inflammation and the painful muscular contractions. The only problem is that it produces a fort breath to garlic and a disagreeable scent in the skin that lasts up to 72 hours.

In extreme and serious cases one resorts to the surgery, to extirpate the ulcers or to clear the nerves that produce the pain.

Another procedure is to enlarge vejiga with the help of a piece of the thin intestine.

Another one is the cistectomía to extirpate total or vejiga partially. This causes the necessity to create "estoma" so that it tinkles it can be eliminated or vejiga with a stock market elaborated with part of the thin intestine is replaced.

The feeding is necessary to take care of much, eliminating those foods that cause an increase of the annoyances, not to smoke, not to ingest spirits or coffee, nor to eat foods with additives and colorantes.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by its use.

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