Hiatus hernia

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Hiatus hernia
Hernia of hiatus.

Protuberance of an internal organ through a weakness or abnormal opening in the surrounding muscle.

The more common types of hernia include: inguinal or femoral, umbilical and postsurgical.

Each one takes place by the weakness of the corresponding musculatura:

Umbilical: Muscles around the navel.

Inguinal or femoral: Conectivo weave of ingle.

Postquirúrgica: Muscles in the zone of a previous surgery.

It affects to both sexes (the inguinal is more frequent in the man) any age.


If the herniado weave strangles (it loses his provision of blood) the protuberante part can be perforated, causing intestinal obstruction and perforation, with fever, severe pain, vomits and shock (IT IS an EMERGENCY)


Hernias umbilical of the children usually is cured spontaneously to the 4 years and they only require surgery occasionally.

The others hernias usually are cured with surgery.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of blood.

X - rayses of the abdomen.


The treatment is, in general, surgical.

General measures Before the surgery, whenever push inclines hernia towards its site if it excels too much.

A truss is not put. It injures or it debilitates weaves, making difficult or disabling the surgery.


It is not necessary.


Avoid to as much raise heavy objects - before as after the surgery.


Follow a diet against the constipation.

Warn its doctor if:

If it has fever or acute pain, calls immediately to the doctor. IT IS AN EMERGENCY!

Signs and symptoms.

Tumefacción that usually disappears when pressing smoothly or On guard knocked down.

Slight annoyances or pain in the zone of the bulk (some times)

Tumefacción of escroto, with or without pain.

Factors of risk.


Adults of more than 60 years.

Chronic cough.



Contínuos efforts, like in the chronic constipation.


A weak zone could not be herniar, unless it is perforated to raise objects of much weight or to make excessive efforts.

If it must raise weights, double the knees, raise the object and enderécese using muscles of the legs. Maintain the object against his body. The breathing does not make an effort or contains. It does not raise doubling it the waist and using muscles and the back.

If it has constipation, trátelo.

If it has chronic cough, follows a treatment.

Reinforce abdominal muscles with the appropriate exercise (it asks its doctor)


Weakness of the conectivo weave or the muscular wall.

It can be of birth or appear more ahead.

Hernias postsurgical is the result of previous surgeries.

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