Diabetic neuropathy

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Diabetic neuropathy
The diabetes is a disease that is characterized to cause or to trigger problems many sufferings that can be mortal or discapacitantes.

Among them they are:

diabetic Retinopatía, that is the first cause of total blindness in the world.

diabetic Nefropatía, that causes severe damages in the operation of the kidney.

Apoplexy, with its serious consequences in the operation of the brain.

cardiovascular Diseases, of which 8 of each 10 diabetics usually die so that they get to cause infarcts, insufficiency cardiac and other problems.

diabetic Neuropatía, that causes a great number of amputations of feet and legs due to severe circulatory problems.

In relation to the diabetic neuropatía, this problem can cause two potentially dangerous situations: damaging the nerves of the feet and reducing the sanguineous flow to its feet.

Nevertheless, those rates of amputation could be reduced between a 49% and a 85% applying an attention strategy in which the prevention, the treatment of the plantar ulcers, a narrow monitoring is combined, and the education of the people with diabetes and the personnel of health. When the nerves are damaged, the sensation of the pain in its feet diminishes, reason why any injury can happen inadvertent and not receive the suitable and opportune treatment. The narrowness in the arteries, reduces the flow of blood in the feet and when not nourishing weaves, the healing of any complica ulcer and it becomes a so serious problem that it can arrive at the necessity to amputate them.

In order to come up to arrive at these complications he is recommendable:

To review either the feet very, if it is necessary to use a mirror to see the plant to identify the presence of blisters, wounds, bruises, cracks, descamación, wrinkles, reddening, red, buried nails, pale, dark coloration or the more red striae of the habitual thing.

To wash either the feet and to dry them very or, mainly between the fingers, if it sweats much, are necessary to ventilate them and to dry them or during several times to the day to avoid infections by fungi.

To cut the nails of straight form to avoid that they are buried, if this is frequent is better to go with a podólogo so that it makes the cut correct, at least once to the month.

If the skin is very dry, it is necessary to apply a humectante cream and to avoid the rubbed rascado one hard or.

socks or clean and dry averages are due to use, without elastics or means that press and avoid the good circulation. If when clearing they leave them noticeable, a little are due to cut to avoid the pressure.

Also it is necessary to avoid the ulcers by pressure caused by seams and the socks or tight shoes.

chemical substances in the feet are not due to use you file or scissors for calluses, eyes of fish or juanetes nor to apply, like the removedores of warts.

To use comfortable shoes, smooth and that do not have rough rasgaduras or edges. Of preference the fingers must have places setting, low heel, antiderrapantes flexible soles and it is recommended to change of shoes twice to the day to avoid the humidity by perspiration.

Before any suspicion, he is better to always go to the doctor, it is never beside the point a good revision and attention for avoids the so serious complications that it brings east problem.

Also he is recommendable to take an aspirin every day, it asks his doctor) to favor the circulation and to avoid cardiovascular problems, as well as to let smoke in case of doing it, the tobacco covers the arteries and veins easily.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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