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Used Part.

The root and rhizome.

Active Principles.

Abundant tannins (20%) especially gálicos, gallic acid, caféico, and chlorogenic protocatéquico. Essential oil (0. 2 - 0. 5%) Eugenol. Lactones Sesquiterpenes type germacranólido.

Drug Action.

Popularly used as an astringent (antidiarrheal hemostatic local) an appetizer, antipyretic, sudorific.


Is indicated for gastroenteritis, fatigue, anorexia.

In topical use: wounds and skin sores, mouth or corneal, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, parodontopatías, pharyngitis, dermatitis, erythema, pruritus, vulvovaginitis.


Gastritis, gastric ulcers: tannins can irritate the gastric mucosa.

Do not prescribe dosage forms with alcohol content to children under two years or consultants in the process of alcohol addiction.

Caution / Poisoning.

Take into account the alcohol content of the fluid extract and tincture.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Internal use:

Infusion: 50 g / l, infuse for ten minutes. Take four or five cups a day, after meals.

Extracto fluido (1: 1) 20 - 40 gotas, una a tres veces al día.

Tintura (1: 10) 50 - 100 gotas, una a tres veces al día, antes de las comidas.

Polvo: 1 a 4 g al día, en tres tomas.

Uso externo:

Planta fresca, triturada, aplicada en forma de cataplasmas.

Decocción: 30 g / l, hervir 10 minutos. Aplicar en forma de compresas, colirios o baños oculares (isotonizar)

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