FENOGRECO (fenugreek)


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FENOGRECO (fenugreek)

• 30% protein.

• sapogenin and saponosides.

• Ester peptídico of sapogenin, fenogrekina, a precursor of nicotinic acid and vitamin PP.

Essential oil.

• Lecithin, inositolfosfato calcium and magnesium and phosphorus.


Thanks to its richness in proteins, lipids and an essential oil that stimulates the digestive glands, the seeds of FENOGRECO advice in cases of anorexia.

The seeds are also indicated in cases of slimming - related metabolic problems. The fenogrekina involved in the regulation of pancreatic secretions. The FENOGRECO is considered an anabolic plant for its content sapogenin steroidal compounds that develop:

• diosgenin and yamogenina.

The FENOGRECO is used in the treatment of thinness for its anabolic properties. It also acts at the level of the pancreas, regulating insulin secretion, which is often slightly altered in cases of thinning. The FENOGRECO reduces hyperglycemia induced by a test of glucose tolerance. This property is closely linked to the presence of fenogrekina would increase response and improve the pancreatic insulin - receptor binding. And thanks to the richness of the fiber teguments of their seed, reduces gastrointestinal absorption of glucose.

Council pharmacist.

The FENOGRECO can be recommended, with the knowledge of doctors, as a substitute for the oral hypoglycaemic synthesis.

In case of fatigue or loss of significant weight should be associated with the FENOGRECO ginseng, a plant well known for their anti - Asten.

Diseases whose treatment is appropriate in this plant.


Non - insulin dependent diabetes.

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