Tinnitus or ringing in the ear

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Tinnitus or ringing in the ear
The disagreeable hummings in the ears, or tinnitus, describe a suffering in which a person perceives sounds that do not have an acoustic origin, is to say that they do not come from any source of sound.

The word tinnitus, comes from the Latin that means to hum and is the medical name assigned "badly".

The hummings or noises can adopt many forms between which they emphasize the whistles, whispers, murmurs or roars, can be described as a sound similar to the escape of the air, when running of the water, which it is listened to when we were placed in the ear a great marine shell or like a crepitante sound, musical or buzzing.

Also they can vary of tone and intensity, appearing from a slight sound that happens immediately and is almost unnoticed, to an acute squeak that causes many annoyances.

This problem usually affects to most of the people, without distinction of sex, race or age. Some can constantly listen to the sounds in one or both ears, whereas others hear them in intermittent form. Sometimes the sounds beat in synchrony with the heart rate, as if one was listening to its own heart.

For many, the humming is an annoyance that can be ignored or be solved without medical intervention, but for others does not happen thus and the suffering is so annoying and continuous that it distracts and it disturbs of such form that is affected the normal activities and until the dream, reason why is required of a medical visit so that it sees if it is possible to be eliminated or to be reduced to the minimum, if it is discovered what is causing it.

Between the causes of tinnitus, they are possible to be presented / displayed:

auditory Damages by exhibition to very strong noises, caused by accidents, explosions, to listen to estridente music or with headsets great part of the time, to work with noisy machinery or to live near an airport, among others.

By indirect effect to certain medicines like the aspirin, those that contain aminoglucósidos salicylates, quinine, diuréticos or antibiotics.

By abuse in the consumption of spirits.

to smoke in excess.

to consume drugs.

By poisoning by carbon monoxide.

By toxicity when being in contact with the enemy with heavy lead, mercury and other metals.

By infections in the ears.

By strange bodies or excessive wax within the ears.

In greater people by otosclerosis.

By disease of Meniére or cinetosis.

to suffer presbiacusia, or loss of hearing, in greater people.

By anxiety.

By abrupt changes of atmospheric pressure or altitude as it can be the caused one by an airplane flight, an elevator or change of city.

Also it is related to him to arterial hypertension, tiroideos sufferings, arteroesclerosis, meningitis, sífilis, cardiovascular diseases like the occlusion of the arteries carotids, with anemia, cerebral aneurisms, tumors or malformations vasculares and others more.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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