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The vaginismo is a sexual disfunción that are characterized by the involuntary contraction of inferior muscles of the vagina, problem that interferes with the penetration of the penis and therefore with the culmination of the coital act.

This problem is caused by a reflected and involuntary act by means of which the rejection to the penetration or of the penis, a finger or a plug cannot be controlled.

The vaginismo can be caused by organic, psychological problems or by both.

Between the physiological and organic causes they are.

hormonal Problems that cause the lack of estrogens, problem that is frequent during the menopause.

the existence of scars in the vaginal entrance, as a result of some childbirth, abortion, surgery, violation or injury.

Diseases of sexual transmission that cause the inflammation of the vagina.

vaginal Infections.

allergic Reactions to the material of you reduce them, tampones, intrauterine or contraceptive devices of barrier.

the continuous use of soaps, used deodorants or vaginal creams for intimate hygiene and that irritate and usually inflame the vagina.

excessive Manipulation of clítoris before and during the relation.

Use of apparatuses for excitation.

continuous Use of underclothes very tightened or that manage to become engraved within the lips.

Tumors or cervicouterino cancer.

congenital Defects of the vagina.

Between the psychological causes, they are:

an inadequate sexual education or fear to the companion, who causes feelings of fault when experimenting to please. This it is the main factor of - risk of the vaginismo and other sexual disfunciones.

the aversion to sex like result of some traumatic experience, violation, incesto, harassment or sexual abuse.

the violent and aggressive sexual relations.

the fear to the failure and not to provide to please the companion.

the fear to the pain, mainly during the first sexual relations. This problem must to much to myths created on the virginity and its relation with supposed hymen.

the fear to a wished pregnancy or not to contract diseases of sexual transmission, mainly when the pair does not want to use condón.

IMPORTANT. The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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