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Spanish: Balsamita minor, Herb lombriguera, Palma imperial Palmita of India.

English: Bitter buttons, Tanacetum Chrysanthemum (synonym) Chrysanthemum vulgare (synonym) Common Tansy, Parsley fern.

Chinese: ch'ien - ai.

Slovak: Yratic obycajny.

Bloom: Summer.

Toxicity: Toxic.

Active ingredients: Essential oil (0, 20 - 0, 60%) rich in Thujone (70%) camphor; bitter principles: tanacetinas, tannins, flavonoids, caféico acid.

Indications, contraindications: The essential oil is responsible for its action as anthelmintic and emenagogo. The tannins, its astringent effect. Flavonoids give it spasmolytic properties.

The grass, flowers and seeds are antispasmodic, worming, a stimulant, emenagogo, stomach, febrífugo, sudorific, vulnerary, antiseptic, aromatic, slightly narcotic.

For amenorrhea, Oxyuriasis, gastrointestinal spasms.

Do not prescribe the pure essential oil via internal during pregnancy, lactation or young children (the Thujone is neurotoxic and can prove abortive)

The pure essential oil can cause contact dermatitis and through internal doses larger than 2 grams. Can cause gastrointestinal cramping, with vomiting, diarrhea and convulsions, and may very well prove abortive.

Discouraged the use of pure essential oil via internal.

Other alternative therapies: Flower Therapy California.

Preparation, recipes: flowering tops are used.

Infusion internal use: one tablespoon per cup of dessert, infuse 10 minutes. Take a cup fasting.

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