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The adhesions are fibrous weave bands similar to which forms with the scars that form between two weaves within the organism. They are described like scars within the uterine cavity.

They can be intrauterine, is to say within the uterus, well - known disease like syndrome of Asherman, pelvic, outside the uterus or intraperitoneales.

They are caused by an inflammation, infection, surgery or trauma and is characterized to unite a weave to another one preventing the freedom of action of both weaves or causing damages in healthy weaves.

They appear most frequently after some case of expansion of the uterine scraped neck and, by some caused abortion and legrado to clean the interior of the uterus after a spontaneous abortion or of a childbirth or of other gynecological problems.

Sometimes it is possible to be related to the prolonged use of the intrauterine device (DIU) to infections like the endometriosis or by surgical procedures like the extraction of miomas or polyps.

The intraperitoneales adhesions, can be caused by abdominal surgeries, pelvic endometriosis, appendicitiss or inflammatory diseases.

The adhesions can get to be very annoying and dangerous, since they cause that them they can cause different upheavals, depending on weaves it jeopardize. For example, in the eye, the adhesion of the rainbow to the crystalline can take to the development of glaucoma; in the internal, the adhesions can produce a complete or partial intestinal obstruction.

The pelvic adhesions can take to sterility and to reproductive problems.

Many women with adhesions do not present / display symptoms, but others can suffer.

abdominal or pelvic Pain caused by the pressure and the jaloneo that the adhesion causes in the affected organs.

menstrual Alterations like hipomenorrea (little bled) or amenorrhoea, that are the absence of the menstruation.

Difficulty to develop a pregnancy, since recurrent abortions can be presented / displayed.

Dismenorrea, or acute pain during the menstrual period.

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