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An alteration of genetic origin, which sensitizes the body against gluten.

It is one of the origins of genetic disorders more common, affecting an estimated one child in 300.

Is related to the histocompatibility antigen HLA - B8.

Seven out of ten patients are women.

Risk Factors.

The ingestion of gluten causes inflammation and atrophy of the small intestine.

In addition to wheat and some other grains, gluten is often used in the formulations of processed foods, tablets and capsules.


The disease itself is not preventable, but the strict exclusion of gluten in the diet prevents its manifestation and progression.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


In any child with a malabsorption syndrome should be discarded, because of their frequency, this disease.

Usually, with some analysis of faeces usually enough.

In some cases it will be required biopsy for histological confirmation of the table.


The cornerstone of treatment is the strict exclusion of gluten in the diet.

General measures.

Purchase only products prepared in the record "gluten - free, " or similar labeling.

Carefully read the prospectuses of the drugs to see if they carry gluten in the composition of the excipient.


In severe cases, your doctor may prescribe supplements of fat - soluble vitamins, or other immediate principles.


Without restrictions.


In addition to avoiding gluten, the diet is high in protein and calories and low in fat.

At the beginning of the diet treatment should be avoided milk.

After missing the symptoms, functional intolerance to lactose that there tends to disappear, so it may be re - taken.

Sometimes it may be necessary to paste or liquid diets.

With this disease are advised to follow the diet follows:

Gluten - free diet.

Tell your doctor if.

Despite a strict dietary control, the symptoms reappear.


The disease occurs untreated growth defects that can become final.

The vitamin caused by the malaabsorción may cause deterioration in the bones, skin and mucous membranes, training and clotting of blood cells.

In celiac patients, are prone to lymph CIA and other digestive tract an adult.


With early diagnosis and a strict diet, you can avoid most complications.

The persistence in the intake of gluten can lead to death.

Signs and symptoms.

According to the duration and severity of the symptoms efermedad will be more intense or less.

We can distinguish two groups of symptoms:

Due to intestinal inflammation:

Diarrhea or stools abundant,



Look fat.

Retortijones, abdominal pain and flatulence.

Due to malabsorption:

Of fat - soluble vitamins:

Vitamin A deficiency (xerophthalmia)

Vitamin D (Rickets)

Vitamin K (Peripheral blood clotting)

In other nutrients:

Anemia (Iron)

Infantilism and lack of development (proteins)

Taetania (Calcio)

Other disorders associated:

We do not know the relationship last, but is associated with frecientemente Dermatitis herpetiformis.


Intolerance to gluten.

The gluten is a component of the walls of wheat and other grains, comprising a polypeptide (piece of protein) called glialina.

In some people, the contact in the gut with this substance causes an intense inflammatory reaction, with destruction of the intestinal mucosa (as the glialina be released to produce this effect, the stomach and duodenum are not affected)

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