Vaginal infection

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Vaginal infection
Some time in the life to all the women some annoyance in the vagina appears to them and also very frequently, by pain or fear they suitably do not go to the doctor to be reviewed and to be diagnosed.

The vaginitis is the inflammation of the vagina and in many cases also of vulva. The common symptoms are comezón intense and vaginal flow that varies of color, consistency and scent according to is their origin.

In some cases usually there is pain and ardor when tinkling and during the sex.

The vaginal infections or vaginitis can be caused by virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites and by very benign that are must suitably be taken care of since although, the majority are not serious and with many taken drugs or local as the pomadas ones can diminish the annoyances, if the problem is not attacked that originate them, can get to be very serious, recurrent and can get to affect at as important moments as the pregnancy.

The vaginal infections depending on which treats can contract by means of sexual relations, lack of personal cleanliness, use sanitary or underclothes of another person.

If they are not taken care of suitably, some of them can be extended beyond the vagina and be affected as important organs as the heart or the kidneys. Between the most frequent inflammations they are the vulvovaginitis like the candidiasis, gardenella and the tricomoniasis.

The caused ones by virus, like papiloma human and herpes genital.

The bacterial ones, like clamidiais, the gonorrhea and the micoplasmosis.

Also they happen when the organisms that normally live in the vagina or tracto intestinal reproduce of excessive way, like the bacterium Gardenia vaginalis or the Candida albicans, a fungus of the type of leavenings.

The hormonal changes during the puberty, in the adolescence, the pregnancy and the menopause, sometimes ready to the woman to contract vaginitis, like when having sexual sex without the adapted vaginal lubrication. Also they can be caused by sensitivity to certain soaps, deodorants, vaginal and spermicidal washings or by lack of suitable hygiene or not change to a plug or contraceptive device opportunely.

The diabetes can increase the vulnerability to the vaginitis like it suffers some disease that causes a deficient immunity, also the antibiotic use or medicines steroids, favor its development.

The suitable diagnosis is made with the gynecological medical revision, analysis of the sample of the vaginal secretion and some are corroborated with another type of examinations like those of blood.


The content of this note, does not replace the medical diagnosis, it only appears as information and the same we are not made people in charge on its use.

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