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Also denominated lipotimia or faint, síncope is a brief loss of the knowledge due to a global cerebral anoxia, that is to say, that does not arrive sufficient oxygen at all the brain due to a transitory diminution from the sanguineous contribution from the same one.

One calculates that half of the population has suffered some episode throughout its life.

Normally, the recovery is fast and completes.


Although in a 5% of the cases it must to a disease cardiac, in 95% of them is not a cause that justifies síncope.

Nevertheless, leading factors of this loss of conscience exist:

the fear,

the pain,


the swallowing,

the cough.

or the heat.

Síncope usually happens, except in rare occasions (by disease cardiac) when the subject is standing seated or, being very rare if it is fallen down, although yes can happen abruptly when getting up itself.

He is frequent in the people with cervical artrosis, although in these cases usually one accompanies by other signs and symptoms of lack of cerebral irrigation (postural instability, vertigo)

He is more frequent in young women with the arterial tension naturally it lowers, and it is related to the denominated "ortostática hypotension", picture in which a bad adaptation of the circulation in relation to the position causes that "the blood does not follow the body" when rising or to straighten itself abruptly.

Signs and symptoms.

In general, the subject note previously I am annoying, gastric malaise, perspiration, blurred vision, pallor.

If the subject eases up or if it were stopped and it begins to move, the attack is interrupted. But if it remains of foot falls unconscious, thus remaining during seconds or minutes.

In case síncope must to a disease cardiac, it takes place of abrupt form or after some effort.

Lipotimias which they take place by different situations (heat, pain, stress) that usually go preceded of the sensation of I am annoying, do not need medical treatment.

When the patient is On guard horizontal, or because it has fallen or because has eased up, the cerebral flow is recovered and the conscience level recovers quickly.

Factors of risk.

Feminine sex.

Asthenic constitution (thin)

Arterial tension loss.

High environmental temperature.

To see general measures.

Diagnosis and ratamiento.


In spite of the little frequency of underlying problems cardiac, they will have to discard: for it usually it is enough with a simple x - ray of thorax and a E. C. G.

The ortostática hypotension can be diagnosed by means of complex tests, that normally they are not necessary.

Sometimes it is necessary to distinguish síncope of an epilepsy, for which the doctor or specialist will make the opportune tests.


Before one lipotimia, helps the subject to tend and levántele the legs over the level of the heart.

If there is site no to tend to him, ayúdele to ahead incline towards and colóquele the head between the knees, the thorax or the waist.

If one is in a closed site, opens the window.

If it is outdoors, retírelo of the sun.

Avoid that people to his crowd themselves around.

In the faints, the peripheral stimulation with cold is useful.

During the faint, póngale the head of side to avoid that the language falls and can obstruct the aerial route, or in case vomits.

If the patient rises quickly, another new episode can be precipitated; for that reason, it tries that it is gotten up little by little.

It is important to emphasize that nothing by mouth is due to give him until it recovers the knowledge completely.


Even though we have said that one recovers generally without sequels and that they do not need treatment, yes must study the cases of síncopes that they appear in greater people, in case that they are very repeated or they appear after a effort, since they can be consequence of a disease cardiac that must be valued by its doctor with the purpose of administering the corresponding treatment to him.

The most frequent complication is to injure itself by the fall, that can arrive, in the greater people, to the fractures of bones.


The prevention of the faint depends on the mechanism that causes it; we will have because to try as far as possible to prevent this circumstance avoiding the excessive heat, not making abrupt incorporations but seating in the bed and remaining seated seconds before rising.

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