lepidum menyii

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lepidum menyii
Common name: Maca.

Plant originally from the highlands of Peru (above 4, 000 feet) It belongs to the family of Cruciferáceas.

Part used: root.

Chemical composition: The root on average has the following composition:

Protein: 13. 4%.

Carbohydrates: 25. 0%.

Vitamin A: 0. 07 mg (carotene)

Vitamin B1: 0. 15 mg (Thiamin)

Vitamin B6 0. 31 mg (Riboflavin)

Vitamin C: 3. 10 mg (ascorbic acid)

Calcium: 94. 00 mg.

Phosphorus: 57. 00 mg.

Iron: 2. 20 mg.

Photochemical analysis revealed the presence of: Leucoantocianinas, saponins, terpenoids and steroids, alkaloids, isothiocyanates, natural estrogen and prostaglandins. And so on.

Major indications: It is an excellent all - natural food supplement, as it owns most of the essential amino acids.

Deficiency indicated in statements on the need for greater input of energy and nutrients: Malnutrition, pregnancy, lactation and growth.

For its unique combination of natural hormone precursors (saponins, triterpenoids) glucinolatos flavonoids and aromatic possesses regulatory action in disorders of the reproductive process, menstrual cycle, menopause and fertility of both sexes.

Biological tests on mice had shown his action in the frequency of procreation, encouraging the maturing follicles of Graff (in females) and increasing the amount of sperm on Pipe semíferos, increasing mitosis and espermatogenia in males. It attributed to him aphrodisiac properties.

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