calabaceracucurbita pepo l.

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calabaceracucurbita pepo l.
Other Names:

Auyama, Ayote, Marrow, Pipi, Purú, Sapu, Vitor, Pumpkin.

There are numerous cultivars calabacera, which produce fruits that weigh from a pound to more than fifty.

Habitat: some varieties come from the Middle East, while others are of American origin. It requires warm and humid lands. It is now cultivated throughout the world.

Description: annual plant of the family of Cucurbits, trailing or climbing with stem up to 8 meters in height. The leaves are very large and are covered with spicy pelillos. The flowers are very striking, yellow.

Used parts: seed (pipes) and the fruit flesh.

Related species: Cucurbita Melopepo L. Cucurbita Ovifera L. Cucurbita verrucosa L. Cucurbita Maxima Duch.

Properties and indications: pumpkin seeds, also called pipes, and especially their seeds, contain up to 35% of oil; protides rich in essential amino acids, and cucurbitacina, active ingredient that has the following properties and indications:

Antiprostáticas: The most common ailment of the prostate adenoma (benign tumor) manifests itself in men of middle age by: loss of strength in the jet of urine; frequency (the need to urinate often and only a small amount) Especially at night and then travel seated, and in advanced cases, inability to complete orinar. La cucurbitacina contained in the pumpkin seeds in particular serves on the prostate, desinflamar and slowing their hypertrophy (overgrowth) This is because the cucurbitacina blocks cell division in the Glandular prostate (Antimitotic action) which slows the growth of this important gland. However, we must bear in mind that while the pumpkin seeds can slow the growth of the prostate and thus alleviate the inconvenience cited, in no event can wipe out the excessive growth already formed.

Urinary anti - inflammatory: the active ingredient in the pumpkin seeds also serves on the urine from the bladder, desinflamar and relaxed. Hence the pipes pumpkin be indicated in cases of cystitis, urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, cystocele (detachment of the urinary bladder) neurogenic bladder (irritation that manifests itself by a constant desire to urinate)

Vermifuge: The cucurbitacina releasing the acting head of the tapeworm (solitary) of the bowel wall. It is also effective against other intestinal parasites such as Ascaris. Once loose worms, should be given a laxative to facilitate their deportation. The effective action worming of pumpkin seeds is free of risks. That is why the pipes of squash are ideal for children who suffer from intestinal parasites, including tapeworms or Ascaris (worms)

The flesh of the squash, baked or boiled, it is very rich in carbs (carbohydrates) It is an emollient (softener) of the entire digestive duct, and has a slight anti - inflammatory and diuretic effect. It should, therefore, to those suffering:

Digestive problems such as dyspepsia (digestion difficult) acidity in the stomach, intestinal fermentation or putrefaction.

Hemorrhoids, for its softening and slightly laxative.

Renal disorders (such as complementary treatment) kidney failure, or nephritis glomerulonephritis, edema (fluid retention) kidney stones.

Use: seeds (pipes) can be taken fresh, dried or cooked in quantity of 50 to 100 grams, 2 or 3 times daily. When used against intestinal parasites, we recommend the following plan: save 12 hours of fasting (taking only water) which begins the evening prior to treatment; spite 200 - 400 grams of pipes in shell (adults up to 800 grams) Which once peeled, was crushed in a mortar, brown sugar may be added to the paste is formed; spread this paste into 3 equal portions, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not eat anything else all day, except carrot, which is also anthelmintic, an hour after the third shot, is given a laxative (such as an infusion of sacred sen or nuts, fruit or salt, or a pair tablespoons of castor oil) observe the stool because if you have not achieved the expulsion of parasites, the whole process is repeated after 2 or 3 days.

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