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In normal conditions, the kidneys of a healthful person daily filter 180 liters of liquid, of which 99% reabsorbidos and are given back to the general circulation of the body.

The rest, is the remainders that the organism forms and that does not need and that is going to form tinkles it, liquid by means of which is expelled from the organism and that of not doing would cause it the poisoning and in few days the death of a person.

When anybody cannot produce and reject these volumes, a chronic renal insufficiency is caused that is constant, persistent, progressive and irreversible the diminution of the function of the kidneys.

This suffering is pronounced by the retention of liquids, salts and elements like sodium, potassium, calcium and urea, among others, with serious repercussions in the health and life of that suffers it, since in advanced state, cause a urémico syndrome that deteriorates to much the quality of life and finally it takes to the death to the person who suffers it.

The chronic renal insufficiency, the same affects men whom to women of all the ages, including children and its origin in diverse causes that can be from hereditary or congenital, until by glomerulitis, pielonefritis or quísticas diseases of the kidney has.

Although, the kidneys are able to adapt until in a 50% to the deterioration of their capacity, the quality of life of the patient deteriorates much and between the complications that are observed they are the generated ones by the urémico syndrome whose manifestations are: the arterial hypertension, the anemia, the increase of lipids (cholesterol and triglicéridos) loss of the appetite, alterations in metabolisto and bad tolerance to carbohydrates.

Another one of the problems, is the urinary incontinencia, since they have a great difficulty to concentrate tinkles it, which takes to eliminate great volumes of tinkles increasing to the frequency and the amount of the micciones.

Between the treatment options they are:

the dialyses, procedures to replace in partial form the function of the kidneys.

the renales transplants, that although have very effective results, are complicated by everything what they imply.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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