cerezoprunus avium

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cerezoprunus avium
Other Names:

Calabazón, Guerecílla, Guindo Zorrero.

Habitat: Common in the temperate zones of both hemispheres.

Description: tree of the family of Rosaceae, of carrying and beautiful brown crust, smooth when young, then rough and cracked. Its leaves are oval and toothed, white flowers, and fruit that can vary from light red to dark purple.

Used parts: the fruits and their stems (stems)

Properties and indications: wild cherries, and also cultivated, contain a balanced combination of active ingredients that make this product an excellent food - medicine:

Carbohydrates: easily assimilated sugars (including diabetics) in the form of fructose or levulose, whose number ranges from 3% to 15%.

Vitamins: carotene (provitamin A) in appreciable amount, as well as small amounts of B vitamins and vitamin C.

Minerals: iron, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, potassium and foremost, as well as a wide range of trace elements (zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, etc. Which give the cherries remineralizing properties and toning the body.

Natural acids: malic, and citric Succinic, whose percentage depends on your taste more or less acidic, and that act as stimulants and digestive glands as a cleaner blood.

Soluble fiber plant: pectin in small quantity, which gives them a mild laxative effect.

Flavonoids, which make them slightly diuretic.

Salicylic acid in small proportion (about 2 mg per kilogram of cherries) which gives them some anti - inflammatories and antiartrítico effect.

The stems of the fruits (cherry stems) contain minerals (especially potassium) and flavonoids, principles to which they owe their mild diuretic action, secure and free from side effects. They constitute one of the best known diuretic plant. Will particularly benefit from this medicinal product:

The obese and pletóricos, who will lose weight without risk of malnutrition or mineral imbalance. In addition, cherries are the property of alleviating the sense of hunger.

The arthritic and gout, who will lower the levels of uric acid in their blood and relieve joint pain.

Those who suffer from inflammation of the urinary tract (pyelonephritis or cystitis) due to chronic infection or stone (urinary calculi)

Those who suffer from constipation due to chronic laziness or intestinal slack because they possess a gentle laxative and tonic effect throughout the digestive duct.

Use: the cure of cherries are consumed as food only half a kilo of ripe fruit, 4 or 5 times a day for 1 - 2 days. If the cherries are wild, it is recommended to take a smaller amount, then contain a greater proportion of active ingredients. Those who suffer from weakness or gastric slow digestions, they must take the cherries boiled. It is recommended interlayer between takes of fruits, several cups of tea stems (tails)

In decoction of stems, making it boil 50 grams of cherry stems (fresh or dried) for 5 minutes. They take several cups a day, either alone or in combination with a cure for cherries.

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