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Disease characterized by hardening of the liver and degeneration of hepatocytes, or liver cells, leading to the loss of the normal functions of the liver.

It is a cause of death in individuals aged between 25 and 60 years.

The process is always the same: inflammation of the liver followed by destruction of hepatocytes; abnormal cell regeneration and obstruction of the functioning of the gland (liver functions, simplify, as a filter to counter, on the one hand passes the blood - filled substance and a sense on the other cleans the blood of them in opposite directions, leaving amid a wall of liver cells)



Drugs (Metrotrexato, etc)

Exposure to toxic substances.

Chronic infections, hepatitis B and C and congenital syphilis.

Cholestatic liver.

Metabolic disorders, such as Wilson's disease.

Autoimmune diseases.


Signs and symptoms.

The most characteristic symptoms are:

Fatigue and weakness.

Liver grown in size.

Low appetite, nausea and weight loss.

Palms of the hands red.

In sickness and advanced:

Jaundice (yellowing coloracón) of eyes and skin.

Dark urine.

In the form of spider veins in the skin.

Fall of hair.

An increase in the chest in men.

Increased spleen.

Accumulation of fluid in the abdomen and legs.


Black or bloody diarrhea.

Risk Factors.

Excess alcohol consumption.

Exposure to chemicals toxic to the liver.




Antialcohólico treatment.

Early treatment of hepatitis.

Avoid toxic environments.

Diagnosis and Treatment.

General Measures.

Blood and urine analysis, ultrasound and liver biopsy.

For the study of its complications, gastroscopy, laparoscopy, angiography,


The developed cirrhosis has no cure.

Drug therapy, dietary restrictions and sleep.

Do not drink alcohol.

Do not abuse the proteins; diets rich in carbohydrates. Moderate physical exercise.


To treat hepatitis B or C and iron supplements, diuretics and antibiotics may be indicated if the doctor considers it so.


With this disease are advised to follow the diet follows:

Diet with 20 deg. protein low in salt.


Bleeding from the stomach or esophagus.

Liver cancer.

Ammoniacal waste poisoning.

Sexual impotence.


If avoiding the causes cirrhosis can be stopped.

The liver damage was irreversible, but you can control symptoms and in short a life almost normal.

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