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Badly the breath or the halitosis, is a very annoying problem and laborious of which they pass many people when speaking or to be in favor close, since although the person that suffers it generally happens unnoticed, for the other this problem cannot of any form to happen inadvertent.

Badly the scent of the mouth is caused by several factors and is in most of the cases a symptom or sign of other diseases:

it is possible to have to an inadequate hygiene that favors the presence of bacteria and rest of foods.

Also to have the dry mouth, which is known like xerostomia, problem that causes an important reduction in the saliva production, reason why the mouth is incapable to clean itself by itself and to eliminate the rest and particles left by foods. This problem can be generated by certain medicines like ansiolíticos or tranquilizers or by bad nasal breathing.

badly the breath also is caused by infections of the mouth or the throat like dental decay, periodontitis, gingivitis, estomatitis, aftas or also by diseases like acute and chronic faringoamigdalitis, adenoiditis or by the presence of strange bodies in nasal graves or by abscesses periamigdalares.

Other infections of the respiratory system also cause bad breath, like the atrófica supurada rinitis, the sinusitis, bronquiectasias, the bronchial strange bodies or the pulmonary abscesses.

Some diseases of the digestive apparatus also cause bad breath, like the gastric ebb tide, the esofágicos divertículos, hernia hiatal, the esofagitis, the gastritis, the ulcer of stomach, the infections to helicobacter pilori or the allergies by foods.

Alagunas chronic diseases like the diabetes, the chronic renal insufficiency, problems of liver or certain types of cancer, also produces badly breath.

Another factor is the type of food that is consumed, garlic and the onion are of the main ones, since to the being absorbed by the sanguineous current, are transferred to the expelled lungs and to the air that is breathed.

Another factor that favors the breath or halitosis badly, is the consumption of some medicines and tobacco, that is forming a yellowish layer in the teeth and favors in addition the decays.

Nevertheless, in addition to a medical consultation to determine the origin of badly the breath there are other things that can be made to avoid and to diminish this annoying problem like:

To maintain cleaning the mouth, cepillando well the teeth after each food and to at least once use dental thread to the day in addition of cepillar the language smoothly and using of preference a mouthwash.

To maintain the mouth humid, taking sufficient water during the day.

To visit the dentist to the year at least once, to cure all the decay and to ask for a professional cleaning of the set of teeth and encías, at least once to the year.

To avoid to smoke or to take spirits and in case of doing it sprays, drops or chicles against badly the breath can be used. Of preference it is necessary to choose those that do not contain sugar.

the parsley is very effective against badly the breath, reason why it is due to use in the meals and if it is possible, to chew small branches after each food and before washing the teeth.

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