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English: Lycopodium.

From the family of Licopodiáceas.

Combat colds and inflammation of the urinary tract, uric acid and increases the amount of urine. The powder is used to prevent escoceduras.

Used Part.

Sumidades the air, the spores.

Active Principles.

Oil (50%) glycerides of the licopodoléicos acids, phytosterols, carbohydrates, organic acids: caféico; resin; esporonina (derived cellulosic) Have been isolated a hundred alkaloids (0. 2%) licopodina, dihidrolicopodina, acetildihidrolicopodina, licodolina. Flavonoids: crisoeriol, luteola, apigenósido.

Drug Action.

Air sumidades: spasmolytic, diuretic and laxative (use)

Spores: protector of skin (topical)


Whole Plant: States that require an increase in urine output: genitourinary disorders (cystitis, ureteritis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, oliguria, urolithiasis) hiperazotemia, hyperuricemia, gout, high blood pressure, edema, overweight accompanied by fluid retention. Gastrointestinal spasms, Hepatobiliary dyskinesias.

Spores: Escoceduras, skin irritations, intertrigo, hyperhidrosis.


Plant: Pregnancy, infancy, childhood (alkaloids) Renal or cardiac arrest.

Spores: Do not apply on open wounds.

Side Effects.

There has been a great variability in terms of the alkaloid content and effects produced after their administration, with the frequent appearance of toxic: vomiting, cramps and aches with gastroenteritis in animals, an effect of oxytocin.

Caution / Poisoning.

Its use as a diuretic in the presence of hypertension, heart disease or kidney failure moderate or severe, should be done only by prescription and under medical supervision, to the danger that can result in uncontrolled contribution of liquids, the possibility of a decompensation or tension, whether the elimination of potassium is considerable, enhancing the effect of cardiac.

We recommend caution if prescribed for use by mouth.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Spores, called "dust licopodio or sulfur plant" used as talc.


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